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Paul de Freitas
@ Geld Casinos

I am very happy with TestCompass, I needed a user friendly test tool that would speed up the test preparation phase especially in the creation of Logical test cases and client presentations of those cases. TestCompass ticked all the boxes for me. I now save around 60% of mine test preparation phase when testing a new site!

Erik Plieger
Software Tester
@ Speer IT

Within Speer IT we worked and tested the Beta version of the Model Based Testing tool TestCompass. Already very enthusiastic about the results, simplicity and user-friendliness. You can generate the logical and physical test cases from a for everyone readable test model, based on pre-selected test coverage!

Ed Hilkman 
Test automation specialist

@ Spronq

In practise traditional test automation has limitations concerning maintainability and readability and has no answer to the pesticide paradox. Model Based Testing solves these limitations. However, most MBT tooling are rather academic, not so user friendly. TestCompass is imho the first MBT tool that can be used by ‘normal’ people without losing the benefits that MBT gives you.

Prof. Dr. Tanja E.J. Vos
Prof. SW Engineering & Testing
@ University of Valencia and OU Netherlands

In my courses on software testing we try to teach students that testing is both exploratory and model-based. TestCompass fits nicely into this philosophy. The tool gives you the freedom to include doubts and questions that you might have while exploring into a still incomplete model. This way you model and explore at the same time.

Jerry Schrikenberg
Test Consultant
@ Utrecht University (via Newspark)

Nowadays we emphasize on automating our tests but calculating our testcases often takes the most time. And I don’t always enjoy this process. With TestCompass I only have to draw a model with all the requirements and the tool calculates my testcases. It is really convenient and saves me the hassle. And with the model you can verify with the business whether you understood the process correctly.

Renée Mof
Testcoördinator / Testmanager
@ Gatto Purrfetto


I was lucky to get a presentation and demo from Silvio Cacace about this new tool. It could be very interesting for any tester, to help you safe time and effort developing test cases, with preferred coverage. Very useful.

Marcel S. Sprangemeijer
@ SenD Technology B.V. / The Netherlands

TestCompass – The Model Based Testing Tool – fully meets my requirements.
Used plenty of other tools in the recent years, but always been looking for a better and user-friendly version. And I’m experiencing that now with TestCompass.

It is a handy and user-friendly tool, where you do not get bogged down in all kinds of extras that you would not soon use. Even for a beginner – without a technical background – TestCompass is clear and ready to use.By using the clear compact manual and the Q&A listing you can get started right away.
Take a trial subscription and experience the benefits as I have done.
I will therefore recommend it to my business contacts.

James Bach
Founder of Rapid Software Testing Methodology, Instructor, Consultant

There is a crying need in the testing industry for tools that support an analytical approach to testing. That we need tools that can reason about product models and help us create better product models. And these tools could help us think better about testing.

John Ferguson Smart
Agile test automation and BDD expert

Model Based Testing, done as an exercise in understanding requirements, is an approach to BDD that works extremely well in certain domains or for certain features. The feature mapping process we are using seems quite close to what TestCompass is doing at this moment.

Anna Isajewicz
Software Engineer in Test
@ BlueSoft / Poland

We mainly use TestCompass tp prepare a basic set of test cases for our testing teams to ensure we’ve got a basis to work with at the earliest possible stage of the project. TestCompass is very helpful to cover main processes with test cases. Then we pass generated files to the testers who broaden the scope of the tests adding less obvious paths, unhappy paths etc. 

TestCompass  helps in understand the processes going on around the project, it’s easier to read the processes on a simple chart rather than reading them from perhaps more complex documentation or descriptions.

All in all, I like the tool, it’s very intuitive and quite helpful.

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