When the Model is made, discussed and assessed within the whole team, the Test Cases can be automatically generated, based on the desired Test Coverage, from weak to strong. The desired Test Coverage can be related to the result of a previously performed product risk analysis (PRA) where the various functionalities are categorized according to priority. The strongest Test Coverage can then be selected for the functionalities with the highest priority.

To generate Test Cases, you can simply click on the tab ‘Test’ and first choose a Test Coverage. You can select the following Test Coverages, from weak to strong: Node Coverage, Edge Coverage, Multiple Condition Coverage and Path Coverage. Here an explanation of the different Test Coverage forms in TestCompass.

Node Coverage

All nodes in the model will be tested at least once. The Action/State, Decision and Result symbols are classified as nodes.

Edge coverage

All edges in the model will be tested at least once. The links between the nodes are classified as edges.

Multiple condition coverage

All multiple conditions will be tested at least once. A multiple condition is a combination of 2 consecutive Test Paths (Yes and No path out of a decision). If a single Test Path is not covered by a multiple condition, this single Test Path is also classified as a multiple condition.

Path coverage

All possible paths from Start to End will be tested.

In TestCompass you’ll find the explanation of the different Test Coverages under the ‘i’. 

Test Coverage TestCompass

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