1. Introduction TestCompass Privacy

In this document you will find the Privacy Policy of TestCompass. This Privacy Policy applies to all privacy-sensitive information or personal data that you provide to TestCompass or which could be reasonably assumed to be provided as intended for processing. For example; if you make contact via e-mail, telephone or the contact form provided on the website. In this  Privacy Policy there will be clearly explained how your data is processed and for what purpose. In addition, you will be provided with an clear insight on how you can exercise your rights regarding data processing.


What does TestCompass do?

Because TestCompass processes (or let process) your personal data,  have opted for an extensive Privacy Policy. There are many different situations in which have to be collected and process your personal data. Without this information it is not possible to execute the agreement between you and TestCompass. It is very important that you know exactly how your personal data is used and how you can let your wishes and preferences regarding the processing of your personal data know. Your privacy is very important, therefore your data will always be securily processed

All articles in this Privacy Policy are in accordance with the (General Data Protection Regulation) GDPR legislation. [This European privacy legislation has been applicable in the Netherlands since the 25th of May 2018.]

Do you feel like your personal date has not been processed correctly? Then do not hesitate to contact TestCompass directly! 



2. Categories of personal data

It is necessary to collect certain personal information from visitors and users to provide you the best service possible. Personal information is information which can be traced back to a natural person. Generally the following data will be processed;

  • First and last name.
  • Your (personal) e-mail address. (Be advised: certain company or business email addresses also tend to fall under de GDPR regulations.)

Only information which is directly provided by you will be processed and saved as personal information, or of which it is clear that they are specified for processing by TestCompass.


3. Basis and purpose of data processing

According to the GDPR regulation TestCompass is required to have a legitimate basis to process your personal information. Article 6, section 1 sub a, sub b and sub c of the GDPR, are applicable in this situation: The processing of your personal information is being done on the basis of your consent, because it is necessary to perform a contract between you and TestCompass or because it is necessary to suffice to certain legal obligations. 

Article 13, section 1 sub a, sub b and sub c of the GDPR, prescribes to clearly communicate processing purposes. You will find the processing purposes on which basis TestCompass processes your information in the list below.

These are the purposes for which TestCompass collects your personal information.

1. Contact

Have you contacted TestCompass via info@compass-testservices.com, the contact form or in any other manner? Then the information you provide will be saved. This also includes personal information provided solely for the purpose of establishing contact.


2. TestCompass newsletters

Newsletters will strictly be sent to natural persons or businesses on the basis of consent. The consent can be given through opt-in. Opt-in means that you have given TestCompass explicit permission to distribute newsletters to an email address provided by you. Your email address will be kept in a mailing list intended solely for this purpose. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the email. When you do your email address will be removed from the mailing list.


3. Performing services

In case you have chosen to use any of the services, for instance but not exclusively the use of the tool(s), TestCompass will need certain information from you. Outside of the usual information as name and  email, there may be other information needed, as its mandatory by law. This could be personal or business related information, like VAT-ID number (to make use of the VAT Reverse charche mechanism in Europe), bank account number and IP address. The information you need to provide will be clearly shown on the website before purchase of any service takes place. If necessary, other additional information may be needed.


4. Financial purposes

TestCompass saves personal information which is provided related to invoices, quotations or any other kind of financial purpose. This applies to information collected or send to any given natural person or business. Most of this information will be provided with certain personal information, like names or email addresses. TestCompass has a legal obligation to preserve and save invoices and quotations of any kind. 


5. Sending payment reminders

In addition to financial purposes TestCompass also processes personal information for the purpose of sending payment reminders. The information used for this purpose will typically be the same information as given for any other financial purpose.


6. CRM system

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’. TestCompass uses a CRM system for multiple tasks like customer contact.


4. Period of storage

Chapter three of this Privacy Policy elaborated for which purposes TestCompass collects your personal information. On the basis of article 13 section 2 sub a of the GDPR there needs to be a specific period/term in relation to how long TestCompass intends to save your personal information. After this period your personal information will be removed from TestCompass’s systems. Your personal information will be saved and used by TestCompass for as long as you make use of the tool or services. Every last moment of contact between you and TestCompass marks a new beginning of the personal information saving period. This means that every time you establish new contact with TestCompass, the period for removing before removing your information starts anew. Be advised! It is possible that certain information distributed for a certain purpose will be used for another purpose. In this instance a new period before removal of your personal information will start.


1. Making contact

The period of which your personal information is being saved for the purpose of making contact will be no longer then 10 years. If you aren’t a consumer or customer of any kind, and if you have never received a quotation, personal information is still processed, your information will be removed after 2 years


2. Newsletters

Your personal information will be kept until you choose to unsubscribe from the newsletter (or blogs). If you choose to unsubscribe from the newsletters, TestCompass will save your personal information for a maximum of 2 years.


3. Performing services

Personal information saved for the purpose of performing any kind of service will be kept until the service is completed or until the last payment is met. After this the maximum period your personal information will be saved is 10 years.


4. Financial purposes and payment reminders

For any kind of financial purpose, TestCompass have a legal obligation to preserve invoices and further administration for a period of at least 10 years. After this initial term the period before removal of your personal information will be a maximum of another 10 years. The same period will be kept for any instance of payment reminders. In which the period will start from the moment that the last payment is met.


5. Recipients of personal information

It could be that TestCompass needs to share personal information with any kind of third parties. Third parties will only receive any kind of information if it is absolutely necessary. In any instance TestCompass conforms to the role of responsible controller and to the GDPR legislation, specifically article 28 and further of the GDPR.

To guarantee you get the best kind of service TestCompass shares certain information to third parties. These could be parties like an accountant. Without these third parties TestCompass is not able to offer you services or to carry them out in the best way possible.

Overview of third parties

  • Accountant

For financial purposes TestCompass makes use of an accountant. It is possible that documents are send to the accountant which contain personal informationneed. This could be information like your name and bank account number.

  • Tax authorities and government agencies

To meet legal obligations as a legal entity TestCompass has to share certain financial information with the tax authorities. In any case TestCompass will oblige to this or any other legal requirement of government agencies of any kind.

  • Amazon

TestCompass relies on Amazon AWS for hosting of its tool. This includes the storage of data provided by you on a secure server. For more information about what personal information Amazon collects, please consult Amazon AWS Privacy Policy.For more general information about Amazon AWS please consult the TestCompass Terms and Conditions.

  • Vimexx

Testcompass relies on Vimexx for hosting its website.


For more information about the cookies TestCompass uses, please consult the TestCompass Cookie Policy.


6. Security

Personal information is only available for people who have the necessary authorization for accessing this information. All information will be protected via password. If possible, information will be protected via two step verification or reCaptcha.

Any kind of devices which stores your personal information will be secured via password and if possible, with fingerprint identification or facial recognition.

The website of TestCompass is protected by a secure “https” connection. This secures your privacy with the website. You can see the website is secure by the lock on the left site of the website ID. The website is also protected by virus scanners and firewalls, to keep your information protected at all times.

Servers provided by Amazon for the use of the TestCompass website and tool are encrypted by a SSL/TLS connection and an AES-256 encrypted data storage.

Any kind of information that is physically kept, will be saved in a securely locked office.


7. Your rights concerning personal information

Through point a to f you will find your rights in regard to your personal information. Although TestCompass collects and processes personal data in a minimal way, it is important to point out your rights under the GDPR.

Right of inspection (article 15 GDPR)

At all times you have the right to inspect your personal information saved by TestCompass. You can make use of this right by sending an email to info@compass-testservices.com. After receiving your email, you will be send the requested information.

Right of rectification (article 16 GDPR)

Is your saved information incorrect? Then you have the right to let this information get rectified by TestCompass.  

Right to transfer personal information (article 20 GDPR)

You have the right to ask TestCompass to share your personal information with another party. You can only send this request via email. TestCompass will send you a confirmation granding your request.

Right of erasure (article 17 GDPR)

In certain instances, you will have the right to send in a request to remove your personal information from TestCompass’s systems. You can send this request on basis of the right to erasure. In the following situations TestCompass has to delete your personal information.

  • In case TestCompass does no longer need your data for the initial purpose the personal information was collected.
  • You have explicitly given permission to TestCompass for use of your personal information, but you are now withdrawing that permission.
  • You object to the processing of your personal information for which you have an absolute right to object against any form of direct marketing. Are your interests larger than the interests of TestCompass then you have a relative right for deletion of the personal information. This means that deletion does not have to happen immediately, but only if your right of deletion outweighs the right of TestCompass.
  • In case of illegal processing of your personal information by TestCompass you have the immediate right to request deletion of your personal information.
  • In case TestCompass does not conform itself to the period of saving your personal data either given in this Privacy Policy or the law.
  • In case the person who provided the personal information hasn’t reached the age of 16 (sixteen) yet and does not have consent of a legal guardian to share the personal information.

There can be certain exceptions to your right of erasure. You will be informed by TestCompass when this instance takes place in the reaction you receive via email.

Right to submit a complaint to the authorities

You always have a right to file a complaint at the right authorities. For the Netherlands this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. You can file a complaint by using this link. The authority will further handle your complaint.

Right to stop the usage of your personal information, objection (article 21 GDPR

You always have the right to object against the use of your personal information. Especially in any case of ‘direct marketing’.

Want to make use of the rights above?

To make use of your rights you can send an email to info@compass-testservices.com.  In most instances this will be enough to grand your request. However, it is possible that TestCompass will request for an additional way of identification, before granting of your request can take place. 


8. Duties of TestCompass

TestCompass processes your personal information on the basis of a justified interest. Your personal information will never be sold to any third party.

The minimum amount of information which is required for you to distribute to TestCompass is also the minimum amount of information TestCompass needs to provide any of their services.

In the instance that TestCompass needs to share your information with third parties different than the ones given in this Privacy Policy, TestCompass will ask for consent of the distribution of this information, by making changes in this Privacy Policy.

TestCompass reserves the right to disclose any personal information if legally required by a government entity or certain law. This right is also reserved for when TestCompass needs to protect itself or any property of TestCompass. TestCompass will always ensure the utmost discretion.

Do you have any questions about this Privacy Policy? Then please contact TestCompass at the following email address.



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