Drawing Flow Chart

The Model in TestCompass is a graphical Model, based on the principles of a flowchart but with some specific conditions. The Model in TestCompass is highly readable for all stakeholders (business and technical stakeholders) because the Model in TestCompass has a high level of abstraction. This promotes clear communication about the requirements (implicit and explicit) in a very early stage. This is one of the goals of TestCompass, to get a shared understanding about the requirements and SUT as soon as possible. After all, almost 35% of all software errors can be traced back to incomplete or poor requirements.

Flowcharts are a general-purpose type of graphs that can be used for testing. Graphs are used in many ways in software engineering and they come in all kinds of flavours and styles. But in the end, they all consist of a collection of objects (called nodes and drawn as circles, ellipses or boxes) and relations between them (called edges or links and drawn as lines or arrows). 

There are many different types of flowcharts, and each type has its own repertoire of different styles of nodes. Also, they differ in how to draw and connect the nodes of the graph and in notational conventions. 

Silvio Cacace

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