How do I purchase TestCompass?

It is very simple to purchase TestCompass. You can do this by clicking here and follow the payment process. Or if you prefer direct sale, please send your request to info@compass-testservices.com, providing your details: name, address, email and if required the company name and VAT number.

What payment methods do you accept?

Through the sales process of TestCompass, you will be able to select the method of payment you prefer.   Payment method Access to TestCompass Pay with your PayPal account or create a new PayPal account Directly after purchase Pay with your Credit or Debit card (payment through PayPal without opening an account) Directly after purchase...

How can I receive an invoice?

You’ll receive your invoice by email within 10 days after purchasing TestCompass.

Do you have to pay VAT as a company?

If you want to register for TestCompass as a company, you must enter your company details and a valid VAT number. Located in the EU If your company is situated in the European Union (except the Netherlands), your VAT number will be checked automatically, during the payment process, against the VIES database of the European Commission.  If...

Can you supply a quotation?

Yes, we can supply a quotation. Please send your request to info@compass-testservices.com, providing your details: name, address, email, number of licenses needed and if applicable the company name, registered company address and VAT number.

Is the Free Trial really free?

Yes, the Free Trial is really free for a period of 14 days after registration at TestCompass. And also available without any functionality limit.  After 14 days the Free Trial expires automatically. Unless you decide to purchase the Tool!

I failed ordering TestCompass. What do I do?

Please contact us. If you send us your details, we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. If you failed ordening TestCompass, please contact us and send us your request to info@compass-testservices.com, providing your details: name, address, email and if required the company name and VAT number.

Can I get a discount?

We offer academic discounts. Please contact us in this regard.

Do you provide technical support?

We are happy to help you. You may send us technical questions to info@compass-testservices.com or use our contact form. We also have information available: Tutorials Documentation

Is the TestCompass Tool available in other languages?

Yes, TestCompass is available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Germain and French. Did you notice a mistake in a supported language? Please let us know. We’ll review it and make sure it’s updated in the next translation.    

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