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the easy to use and early Model Based Testing tool (eMBT) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD)-supported Collaborative modeling tool, in the cloud.

“BDD is all about having conversations to explore examples. For example Feature Mapping,
one of the BDD discovery practices, explores flows and user journeys to understand
the variations in user behavior and expected inputs and outcomes we need to implement and test.
TestCompass is a great way to do this sort of collaborative modeling”
John Ferguson Smart, BDD Expert
TestCompass is a tool that helps develop and explore testing ideas
PRIOR to formalization the test procedures. It does this by helping you
formalize the coverage model on which the testing is based”
James Bach, Founder Rapid Software Testing

Easy to use

TestCompass has a clear and user-friendly interface making it really easy to use. Create your Test Model by dragging and dropping the nodes and adding data and/or preconditions. In one simple click you can generate logical and physical Test Cases and export them to an Excel Test Design, the Compass for Test execution.
And are there any updates in your Test Model? No problem, you can easily run the Impact Analysis automatically at any time.

Early based

One of the benefits of TestCompass is the high level of abstraction of the Test Model. This increases the readability for everyone in your team. Therefore, TestCompass can be used from the very start of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in order to identify any open ends, contradictions, ambiguities and bugs in the requirements. After all, almost 35% of all issues in a production environment, can be traced back to the requirements.

Practical experience

We are not just product developers. Our team consists of passionate Testers with many years of experience in the field of Software Testing. TestCompass is based on this practical experience. Are you curious how TestCompass can optimize and professionalize your test process? Watch the 'TestCompass in a nutshell video' and instruction videos on our website or try TestCompass fo free and discover all the benefits of TestCompass.

TestCompass Step-by-Step

1. Draw Test Model

The first step is to translate the requirements into a Test Model and add all the comments, questions, etc. This can easily be done by dragging and dropping the necessary nodes into the canvas and connect them. The Test Model in TestCompass is a graphical Model, based on the principles of a Flowchart. Modeling in Gherkin syntax is also possible.

2. Generate test cases

When the Test Model is made, discussed and assessed by the Business, the Test Cases can be automatically generated, based on a Test Case Coverage. Depending on the level of risk of the requirement, the desired Test Coverage can be selected and the %-coverage will be calculated automatically.

3. Export Test Cases

If the Test Cases are generated you can export them to a user-friendly Excel Test Design. This Test Design automatically generates a complete roadmap for the test execution and includes all the Text, Test data, Preconditions, etc from the Test Model and Test Model properties. If desired you can easily tranfer the different test cases into Gherkin .feature files.

4. Execute Test Cases

Now you can execute the Test Cases in the System under Test (SUT). Depending on the characteristics of the Test Case, for e.g. time-consuming Test, repetitive Test (regression), hard to do Test, smoke Tests and risk-related Test, you can execute the Test Cases manually or write automated Test Scripts to execute them automatically.

5. Impact analysis

Did you already generate and test some Test Cases in the System under Test (SUT) and is there an update in the Requirements? No problem, just update the related Test Model and run the Impact Analysis functionality to see how the update in your Test Model affected the Test Cases and Test Case configuration.

6. What else

The simplicity of TestCompass is its strength, so only those functionalities are included that are really important to execute the Model Based Testing process efficiently and effectively. Still, there are a number of functionalities that make working with TestCompass easier, intuitive and more user-friendly. Curious? Try the free trial version today!


About us

Ciao! We are Silvio and Smira, the founders of TestCompass. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. You can send an email or use the contact form.

Silvio & Smira Cacace
Silvio en Smira

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